Hello, I'm a web developer and designer.

picture of me by Rae Xin
picture of me by Rae Xin
picture of me by Rae Xin
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I'm glad you're here. I am a self-taught programmer specializing in web development and design, with a thorough background in web technologies including Next.js, Flask, Spring, and much more. My focus is on full-stack development, but my skills are broad, encompassing product management, DevOps, system administration, UI/UX design, and mobile development. I have worked for Amazon, where I developed internal tools and later, user-facing features for the Alexa app. My experience also includes contracting and freelancing, with a primary focus on web development. In addition, I have taken a fellowship at Major League Hacking to learn about production engineering. Currently, I am interning at Atlassian as a software developer.


Feature Development

Amazon Alexa Device Sorting

Winter 2023

Engineered the device sorting feature for the Amazon Alexa app. Business-critical requirement for Alexa's Q3 2023 app refresh. Sees millions of interactions a month.

Web Application ~> View Project


Winter 2023 - Present

Futuristic note editor with a focus on AI and collaboration. Built from the ground up to be modern, fast, and flexible.

Next.js, AWS Bedrock, Tiptap, Typescript
Interactive Web App ~> View Project

UT Course Map

Spring 2022

Visualize the courses offered at UT Austin as a network graph. Data was scraped from UT's website with a Selenium bot.

Next.js, Python, Selenium, D3.js
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